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  • Melinda Grafton

Journey Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow begins a month-long gratitude journey that focuses on being thankful for aspects of Melinda. This may sound vain, but it isn’t thinking about how Melinda is better than others, but gratitude for what makes Melinda unique.

I can almost hear what your are thinking, “Why is Melinda writing about herself using her name and not a pronoun?” It is because of a wonderful article in the Harvard Business Review I recently came across, which talks about how the use of pronouns matter when psyching yourself up.

It can be found at: https://hbr.org/2015/02/pronouns-matter-when-psyching-yourself-up

The premise of this “journey” is utilizing research supported information, where as, if practicing gratitude can improve your health and well-being, then practicing gratitude for yourself can improve your self-esteem and self-acceptance which will have an exponential positive impact on your well-being. Read my earlier blog on Gratitude.

If you want to join me and a few others on the “Be Your Own Best Friend” journey let me know by emailing me at 3DRenew@gmail.com. Those who have joined me will get a special email a couple times a week. Plus, one lucky participant will win a free coaching session around what you have learned and discover ways you can deepen your self appreciation.

#BeYourOwnBestFriend #LiveLifeFull

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