• Melinda Grafton

FABS - Resilience Within

FABS — Resilience Within My last blog touched upon the four aspects of resilience. In the upcoming weeks I will attempt to share with you what each of these have meant to me. F - Foundation Foundation covers a number of key aspects within Resilience, but today I would like to share with you a lesson I have learned about Faith. Lately, my faith has been squarely tested. I have tried to access it and found that it was a struggle. It was easy for me to have faith for others wishes, needs, and asks of the Universe to be attended to, but not for me. This morning in meditation the question about where this slipped away came to the surface and in reflection it was 2001. In 2001 my faith was deep. I would walk in the morning filled with the love of the Universe and the Power of the Universe. I would actually talk to the cows, goats and ducks on my morning trek in the farm country I lived. My heart knew that It’s love filled me and everything around me. Now this was not an easy time for me, my marriage was in deep trouble, but I knew love beyond the kind we speak about (especially around Valentine’s day). A Universal love that filled all that existed. That was shaken on 9-11 where my life took a huge U-turn. Many of our lives took huge U-turns. My belief waned and life became a whirl. There were moments of belief, but they were more outward turned. Belief others would benefit of the Universe’s love, but not so much for myself. Every year I pull from a card with a life’s lesson, asking the Universe to guide me. This year’s wisdom card asked me to focus upon my “Inner Truths” (from Nature Whispers). What a beautiful gift from the Universe. One given from love. It asked me to seek my Inner Truths and return to that place of belief where all is from the Universe’s love. Love is the foundation and that love is not just for others, but is for me too. Faith means my heart believes it beyond my brain speaking it. Can you let me know what resonates for you? What is your experience? Hearing from you and building our community of Resilience makes each one of us stronger! 


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