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  • Melinda Grafton

April Month-long Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge

In the month of April, I would like to move towards at least one act of kindness every day to focus on what makes us one, versus focusing on areas that make us think we are different (beliefs, politics, etc...)

The challenge is simple, every day find at least one way to share an act of kindness to another. And then share a post on the act of kindness — not to puff ourselves up — but to flood the airwaves with news of what makes us one human race versus people that have different beliefs, political views, and other things we list that makes us supposedly different.

This challenge comes from a recurring theme that has played in my mind. Why are we unkind to one another? What makes us believe we are separate, when in reality there is more that makes us alike then makes us different?

Walking about, listening to the news, reading posts on Social Media, talking to a friend who is hurting, has made this question beat stronger in my mind and heart.

But another question beats even louder, what can I do to help lessen the load of pain others bear in their hearts, minds, and souls?


There is a wonderful page on Facebook called the Kindness Challenge. It is a place where only posts of kindness and support are allowed.

I would like to bring the kindness challenge into my daily life. Looking for ways I can offer kindness, not judgement.

Will you join me?

Let us use our personal power and flood our lives and the airways with kindness.

I would love to hear from you! PM if you will join me in this endeavor! I would like to highlight the stories of kindness, when you permit me.

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