Reaching the Sweet Spot of Your Purpose

In a recent training, the discussion was around three circles of influence that when defined could help an individual find their professional "sweet spot."

These three areas are:

  • Environment

  • Strengths

  • Passions

This author had environment as a circle intertwined with the other two circles, which is fantastic and true as long as it is the right environment.

However, as I reflected on these thoughts it seemed to me environment surrounds you, and therefore surrounds your strengths and passion, versus part of your environment touching strengths and passions. An environment that is negative, will have your living outside your purpose, even if you are capitalizing on your strengths and passion.

Recently, a friend shared a story about their a change in their work environment. Previously they always spoke highly of the work, because they loved what they played on their strengths and was for a purpose they were passionate about. Sadly, the work environment changed and became micromanaging and negative. It didn't matter about the moments in their day where the environment was positive, everything was clouded by the negativity they encountered. As a result, they found themselves searching for something new to do, even if it meant leaving their sweet spot where their work combined their strengths and passion.

This graphic is to show that importance of the environment (family, work, and within yourself) in finding and living your purpose.

Knowing what you need in your environment, focusing on your strengths where they intersect with your passion is where your sweet spot of PURPOSE is found. Once those are defined you can map a plan that leads you there.


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