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Color Your World

Respect of others is an important value in life. Respect extends to accepting others whose opinions and beliefs are different than your own.

The hate surrounding others’ beliefs that differ than our own puts our lives in dark danger.

If we practice for ourselves and others compassion, love and “firmness” we would live in a better place colored in warm light.

Firmness may be a word rarely, if ever, paired with compassion and love. However, in this context it means a firmness in one’s beliefs, values and convictions while accepting others’ beliefs, values and convictions, whether they align with mine or not.

The lessons of many religions, gurus, and prophets say to live by example and teach those who want to hear. These great lessons do not teach us to hate, fight, and force others to share our beliefs, but to love, respect and practice kindness.

We are not fighting a religion or a belief, but terrible evil doers who decided to use religion and beliefs as a platform to gain money and power.

When we live in hate and judgement of others (and ourself), we paint a picture with darkness, where light struggles to seep through.

When we live in love and acceptance of others (and ourself), we paint a picture with light, where darkness can’t seep through.

When you look into your heart how are you painting your perspective today?

These colors can be a reflection of beauty or hate.

Live Life Full and choose colors (words and thoughts) that lift yourself and others up.

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