Opening Space

Please forgive this slightly late wrap-up on Personal Gratitude, work and cleaning out the attic took over my life for a few days. Yes, in the height of summer it was time to clean out the attic. I cheated a little though, because I hired three wonderful folks to climb into the attic and bring everything (I mean EVERYTHING) down the ladder to our guest room to enable my sorting to occur in a room that wasn’t 100 degrees. This clearing of space was a wonderful way for me to conclude my personal month of gratitude making room for the next chapter.

As I let go of things dating back to sixth grade, I also began to let go of past demons that held me in place. It was crazy what was in boxes lugged through 12 moves, across continents, and never touched other than to add more “stuff” to the boxes.

Life events and attached emotions can be like those boxes. We have experiences (good and bad) and we stuff them into our emotional boxes. Safely tucking them away and lugging them around from place to place, adding bits and pieces, rarely peaking into them to decide if what was placed in these boxes were needed or served us.

As I walked through this month of gratitude for myself, my life, and the amazing journey it has been, space was made for happiness and patience. I am not perfect….and in many ways the wear and tear of the years is showing, but so is the knowledge from those years and the roads traveled.

My wish for each of you as your continue your journey you are able to make room for gratitude. Gratitude for what is around you, but also gratitude for what is within you.

Please let me know what you discovered, even if you found it difficult to keep to the daily gratitude practice. As we move forward let me know if there is something I could do to hold this space for you in the future.


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