Cobwebs In My Soul

Clearing out the cobwebs has been a theme in my morning reading, meditation and prayers over the last week. With each sentence I read a broom comes to my mind’s hands sweeping gently side to side, reaching up to the corners and clearing away the cobwebs.

Cobwebs of thoughts that don’t serve me. Cobwebs of emotions that bind me. Cobwebs of inaction the stagnate my movement forward.

Cobwebs that have been there for a very long time. Full, dusty, dark cobwebs that cling tightly and stubbornly hold on as the broom works to clear them away. Not a hard sweep, which pushes them under a carpet or further into a corner, but pulling them onto the broom, softly and with care, to truly clean them away. In fact, if you look up brooms on Wikipedia you will find soft brooms are used to clean away cobwebs (

In Yoga Sutra 2:8, it talks about an affliction called “dvesha,” which can be translated as an aversion, or in other words, a strong reaction to something (for example, a person, a belief, or an object – and yes in this polarized state America finds herself a political stance). It is so powerful it occupies our mind in a way we can’t see beyond it. This attracts us and sucks away our radiance and energy. We think it is the external force that causes us to feel angry, fearful, or pain, but in reality, it is the thick cobweb of aversion. In this instance that cobweb is a memory or belief we hold closely along with the feeling we are justified in holding it tightly to our being. In reality, this closely held memory or belief holds us captive and dulls our senses and prevents us from living a life, full of love, joy and peace.

What cobweb are you holding onto today or sweeping hard at only to hold onto them even tighter?

What is keeping you from feeling the joy you are meant to experience?

What can you do to gently view what is holding onto to you, and what gentle broom can you use to sweep it clean to open your soul?

Let me know if you want to learn more and join me on this journey of clearing away the cobwebs, my email is (promise your inbox won’t become inundated with junk mail – I will support you in the way you need.)

#Meditation #Yoga #Thoughtfulness

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