Perfect Timing

Goals, resolutions, visions, personal purpose, mission, and dharma are all words used today to describe our personal desires. Some spiritual perspectives teach desire is bad, but I believe it depends on what drives the desire. Yesterday, my blog addressed that it is not too late for your dreams and your dreams lie in the choices you make today. Choices may be baby steps, which lead to more sure steps, which may lead to some giant leaps toward your “desires.” Each step guiding to your heart’s desire. Another aspect is creating the perfect setting. Today I pulled a focus card from Nature Whispers titled Perfect Setting. I smiled, because the lady depicted had a paint brush in her hand and during meditation this morning painting came to my mind has I contemplated the thought “is it okay to focus on caring for yourself.” This person is painting their perfect setting for their dream to flourish. Now that is not to say sitting on a warm beach with crystal blue water isn’t a perfect setting to paint, but it is more than the external ascetics, it is also the internal. What self-talk are you using to plow the ground of your perfect setting? What affirmations play in your mind? Are you being kind to yourself? Are you taking the time and setting the boundaries you need to flourish? How are hard are you pushing on a door to open? Self-talk is the richness of the ground that allows the seeds of affirmations to take root. Self-care is like the sun shining down that will allow you to grow. And knocking on doors, peeking in on opportunities, and being open is like the right amount of water for your fruit to be sweet. Pushing on doors, barging through, over, or under an opportunity (because no matter what you believe that door has to open RIGHT NOW) is like taking a hurricane of water and deluging your fruit, which may still grow, but won’t be as sweet. Perfect settings don’t just happen, gardens don’t just happen. They require dreaming and careful cultivation with love. What garden do you dream for yourself today? What are you doing now and where would you like to gently shift to allow yourself to grow? If you ever want to explore these que 

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