Dropping Anger and Judgment

Reversing feelings of anger and judgement. Living from a space of love. Yesterday as I sat on the beach for some warmth and healing time watching the seagulls fly, my hand played in the sand. I drew out a heart (pictured here) never dreaming that today’s message would be focused on love. What is love? I can tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t anger. Doesn’t mean you don’t ever get angry, but it isn’t a place you spend much time in, because if you do it erodes your love. It isn’t judgement. Doesn’t mean you don’t judge, yet again, if you sat in that space for too long your feelings of love would seep away. Kind of like the sand through the hourglass. Take a second and think about something you feel anger or judgement towards. Anything or anyone. What would it look like if you took that emotion and put it in reverse? Meaning replacing anger with kindness. Judgment with understanding. Moved into a conscious place that feels like love. Yes, love, even if it is something you would like to change. And if it can’t be changed or understood, can you walk away for your own well-being, but from a place of love. Even though we look different than one another, we have different political views, different religious beliefs, even varying views on what is right and wrong, we are still made up of the same components and are part of this fabric called earth. Is there a way to be different and be that way from love? What can you do today to step away from anger and judgement today? For me, it is time to take a breath before I act. Check my thoughts and put them in reverse when they are unkind. Practice living from a heart full of love. Namaste 

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