FABS -- Four Aspects of Resiliency – Your Power Within -- Aspiration

F = Foundation

A = Aspiration

B = Balance

S = Self

A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the first of these, Foundation. Now, let’s look a little bit at the second aspect, Aspiration.

Life has thrown me more than a few curve balls in life, whose hasn’t. Recently, one of those curve balls was a medical illness induced by lack of a medical professional doing their job. My world was rocked when I was told I may only have a few days or weeks to live. Thankfully, we caught the issue in time and after extensive test and medical care over six weeks I was given the green light to go on about my life. During this time, I became very focused on my desire to live and what I wanted to do with my life in service of others. This helped me stay the course, and not just crumple up in bed a mess (although I did consider that option). My aspiration is to live a life that helps others helped me move through the crisis with some grace (and more than a few tears).

Aspiration is sometimes referred to as vision, or a goal, but it is more than having a specific time, place or event to be; it encapsulates a hope of achieving something. It is deeper than a surface goal, it is a deep desire….maybe even one you haven’t put words to frame it.

Do your recall when you were younger and you would spend time dreaming what you would be when you grow up? Or some place you wanted to see? This was an early aspiration, and possibly still an aspiration.

Knowing your aspiration(s) today can root you, because it will give you a reason live, fight and keep trying when things are tough. This is resilience in action.

What is your aspiration now?

How do you define aspiration? The best way to do this is to have a conversation with yourself and learn about your inner answers.

Set aside time with yourself (a personal date or dates) with a pen and paper in hand and ask yourself these questions?

  • What do you enjoy?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What do you love giving others (i.e. time, art, food)?

  • What problem would you like to solve (for yourself, family, community, or larger good)?

As you work to discover your inner answers draw some conclusions on how you would enact your answers in your life and build them towards your most inner wish – your aspiration.

It would be my honor to help you discover more about your inner answers and develop not only your aspiration, but a path to achieve what you aspire. Connect with me through chat here or book online for a coaching session.

As always, my wish for you is to Live Life Full.

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