Quiet, but not Quiet

Hello friends. My blog has been quiet for the last few months....sorry about the silence....but it hasn’t been quiet in life, for me or 3D Renew.

First, please meet Violet. She is a beautiful English Black Labrador and her birthday is Nov. 10, 2017. Violet joined me full-time June 15 to work for me as a service dog. She helps me every day and as we finish her training specific to me you will sometimes see or hear about our journey. She also has an Instagram page called Violet_Serves

Second, as 3D Renew moves from working part-time as a strategic consultant to devoting full-time to coaching, leadership development, and mindful living you will see more posts about lessons I am learning along the way.

Today I was reading about mental violence. It occurs to me one of the key areas of mental violence that I personally experience is thoughts about me being right and someone else being wrong (about anything from saying hurtful words towards you to political opinion). These mental violence moments mean not only did someone do something that took something away from me, but now I am allowing them to take my peace and joy. It becomes a double loss. These thoughts of mental violence are almost automatic, so than with practice can the thoughts move from automatic mental violence to peaceful thoughts? How do I do this without becoming a welcome mat for hurtful words and mental violence towards me?

By setting safe, positive boundaries, but not from anger (mental violence), but love for myself and for others. And replace the thoughts of anger with thoughts of patience and love.

Breath in good. Breath out mental violence. The Universe’s love is right around you all you have to do is breath in to absorb it.



#Mindfulness #ServiceDog #LiveLifeFull #Love #Kindness

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