Ambiguity can come in many different circumstances.

Can you name a circumstance you face today with unknowable factors?

Could be your company’s reorganization, you or someone you love facing an illness, a relationship challenge, a child facing a dilemma..... or anything else where you feel unsettled, confused and/or uncomfortable.

When faced with ambiguous circumstances here are four things to try to define a path forward in the face of unknowns.

1. Name the circumstance.

2. Determine what you know (what is clear). Determine what exactly is unknown.

3. What are your boundaries. For instance, in a leadership/team circumstance specify who has decision-making authority and for what.

4. Say out loud and write down what you want to do.

5. Clearly state what you need and from whom. If you can’t obtain what you need and it is a new ambiguity move back to step one, and work through where you can define what you need and can commit action to obtain.

Have a great day!

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