Blow the Clouds Away

Oh Clouds

In the View

Blue Skies

Are the Clue

Ah Breath

Is the Way

To Sense

In the Kind

To Offer

Out the Thanks

Today is the day

To Remember

Sun shines

Behind the clouds

For this fill with thankful


As I move

Along the way



To blow the



As I went on my walk, it was cloudy, rain threatened, and the trash guys were out gathering everyone's waste. Not the easiest job in hot, humid weather. And definitely, one that will challenge all of your senses. I smiled and waved and said thank you. Moved on with the walk. As my walk ended, I passed them again. Diligently clearing each trashcan along the way. This time it wasn’t a tentative wave they gave. But huge grins and large waves. Returning a simple kindness from me. I turned the corner, and I remembered to be kind, to be thankful, is to be joyful. The cloudy mood I had been in just before lifted away.

It occurs to me that simple kindness, on the road, in stores, restaurants, and everywhere, is the path to easing gray clouds for you who are being kind, for the person to whom you show kindness.

This is how we make the world a better place.

  • Next time you want to blow your horn, smile, and wave instead.

  • The next Social Media post of frustration and anger, pause and say something kind (I am super guilty of not always doing this).

  • As the clerk or waitress serves you, the 100th person that day, offer a smile and ask, “How are you today?”

On and on the list of ideas can go. It doesn't have to be grand. It doesn't need to cost you a dime.

Just try one day, especially one you are feeling low. To practice the act of kindness. Consciously replacing impatience, anger, frustration, and sadness with the opposite.

See your clouds go away.

Namaste and have a great day.

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