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Bridge Into 2022

2021 is closing.

2022 is about to dawn.

As we bridge our way from 2021 to a New Year 2022, what materials do you need to build a bridge that will support and sustain you?

In the last two years amidst the pandemic, most of us have experienced drastic shifts in our lives. For many, this has brought dark moments of early good-byes to loved ones, loss of jobs, or worse, homes, or other changes that have been unbalancing.

As we move towards a New Year, automatic changes won’t magically happen because we flip the calendar, but we can intentionally shift to design what we want in 2022.

We have all seen the swinging bridges that are insecure, rickety, and falling apart. Those bridges are made up of uneven pieces, hewed together with scrap materials that may or may not hold you.

In 1981 as I graduated from High School, I moved off a steady bridge and, without thought or intention, I moved to a very rickety plan for college and my life ahead. It took many years to return to a solid bridge and move forward. This unstable, dangerous bridge was thrown together with bits and pieces of materials without thought or intention to where it was going to take me.

Luckily, after a series of events built around an intention of bringing stability to my life, with help from others, I began to build a bridge with solid material that allowed me to leave a poor and challenging life behind to one that had stability, medical care, and a purpose.

A new bridge began to take shape.

You have seen those bridges! The solid ones are safe to traverse across to a beautiful space.

In life, this is the bridge built with intention and a selection of materials that will hold you.

The list is endless of solid materials you can choose to build your bridge. Maybe you want to add the material of adding better nutrition to your daily life. Volunteering in a nonprofit that interests you. You are walking every day to build physical well-being. Meditating to bring grounding to your day. Going back to school

The materials you choose will help you make your bridge of intention.

  • Where are you now?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What materials can you build your bridge out of to take you from here to there?

We are each, each other’s bridge. What can I do to help you build your bridge?

Life is a series of bridges; you can learn more about some of my life’s bridges in the Make Life Less Difficult podcast with Lisa Tilstra.

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