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Collaboration Heals

Today is Election Day in America. As Americans we will (or have through early voting or absentee voting) vote our conscious.


The soul of our nation stands in the balance. Not based upon the outcome of our vote. But based on our reaction to the outcome.

One friend wrote he will see us on the battlefield. My heart sank. The news reports about cities boarding up out of fear of looting and riots. My heart breaks.

Both sides have laid out their position. Their interest is to be elected. Our interest is for our country to remain free and safe.

As Americans, we get to choose. We get to choose based on the laws established in our country and each state.

Once we are done voting and as the votes are counted, we need to look ahead to collaboration, because anything else will bring a battle to our land. Being a person who has seen war and its devastation first hand, trust me, war on our land will ensure we all lose.

Fighting we all lose.

Collaboration + Collaboration = Win/Win

Collaborate we all win.

Please join me today and vote your conscious. Also, as you feel your heart race facing the other side of this vote.

Energy: Find the Person in the OTHER SIDE, not their position. Not a problem. The person. Knowledge: Listen with ears to learn how they came to their view. Passion: What small percentage can you agree with? Use that has the ground to begin to collaborate.


Reach out to Melinda to learn more about building Collaboration and Renewal in your life and relationships,

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