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Future to Contemplate

As I pondered the future this morning the realization that planning for vacations, weddings and the like doesn’t hold the attention for me it did before Covid.

With Covid the illusion of control became a reality that we lack of control, This has created a sense of unbalance. The world has felt topsy turvy with many twists and turns of the response to the pandemic, the election, race relations not being well. All of this has been unbalancing. That isn't to say there haven't been good things last year, but to acknowledge how it felt different (and sometimes not great).

Nature holds many answers for us as we bring balance back into our sense of being.

Just as this beautiful bird stands on its two tiny legs holding his big body. He sits in the present. Without worry. Contemplating the present.

This is acting in the now and the realization shines bright I can act now to prepare me for the future days of travel, socializing, and in-place working.

A question to ponder: What can you do now that sets your future stage the way you want it to unfold?

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