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Having Fun, Yet?

Are We Having Fun, Yet?

Earlier this week a dear friend and peer recommended I listen to the “Unblocking Us” podcast with Berne Brown and her sisters.

I listened to them talk about being hard on themselves and how they would focus on getting everything done before they could have fun.

My head must have swiveled from the smack in the face this discussion gave me. GUILTY! I can remember vacations ruined because I would be busy cleaning the sand, making beds, or any other 1000 things before I could relax and have fun. The end result was no one had fun.

As these rumination played in my mind it became clear that this was not a past action for me, but a very real challenge today. Just the day before when I was very tired from a full and gratifying day at work instead of going to play in the water I worked around the house. Working until my exhaustion was deep and now not gratifying.

Do I think being hard on myself and limiting time spent having “fun” is a badge of honor?

If so, what does that badge get me in the present moment? In the future?

The answer wasn’t very pleasant to consider, because the “badge” of being hard on myself and working till I am exhausted gets me absolutely nothing. Well that is not true. It leads to me being unhappy. It leads my body to breaking down and being unhealthy. It can lead to being sick.

Too often my time for sitting in stillness, working out, painting a picture, reading a fun book or going to play in the water will fall by the way side for activities I think I must do, whether that be work, cleaning house, cooking, laundry, study or any other things that are thrown on the list that isn’t for pure pleasure and fun.

For the last year I have protected my morning time for reflection and stillness with meditation and time to either do yoga, go on a walk or lift weights. What would happen if I did the same to protect time to engage in pure fun every day? Even the thought of taking time daily for fun comes with a thousand reasons I “can’t” do this, but is it that I can’t or won’t?

The dread that arises is deep. What am I afraid of experiencing if fun is allowed in to my daily life?

I don’t have the answer, but it is a practice that I am willing to integrate into my life and it will be fun to see what happens.

Who wants to join me having daily fun?

Drop me a line and let me know what you will do for fun today! For me it will involve sunshine.

Namaste and have a great day.

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