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"I can't see myself with my eyes open."

As I headed into my time for meditation today, my head was hurting (3rd day of a low-grade headache), and I felt stressed. In the back of my mind, this thought that has been near me for the last few months was playing in my mind.

"I can't see myself with my eyes open."

What I mean by this is that the masks, the "shoulds," and layers of "make-up" of expectations hide who I am from others and even myself.

There are many traps inside these masks of "should." They do not help us become better people. They are the prison bars that hold us back from authenticity, innovation, and success.

For instance, resolutions for change rarely are carried through, whether they come at the new year or another point in life. Not because we don't want to change, but the change is often rooted in a feeling of what you must do and implies that you have no choice. As humans, we function better when we believe we choose and control what we do.

Yet, we fill our days with words and actions rooted in our "shoulds," which is energy devoid of joy.

When we move towards actions rooted in our values and who we are, it sets us free of the "shoulds" and allows us to be the beautiful, fantastic person inside. It unlocks prison bars of our "shoulds" and masks we have accepted.

Like today, when I sat in meditation and focused on my breath, body, and intentions, the masks began to fall away, and the "make-up" melted away. I could see myself. I could see the possibilities of who I am. I see my purpose.

As my eyes opened and the low-grade headache slipped away, the sun began to dawn literally and figuratively.

I am closer to being who I am versus who I think the world expects me to be.

Namaste and have a great day.


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