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Read a study this morning that says only 5% of the U.S. population is overworked (I must know the 5% --- because almost everyone I know works more than 40 hours a week). And, if you work 55 or more hours a week you are 35% higher at risk for a stroke, and 17% higher risk to die from heart disease.

One major focus of mine this year has been balancing diet, exercise, and how my time is spent (working and playing). Each incremental step has been focused on being balanced and healthy.

The first and most vital step was for me to understand my priorities and analyze if my time and actions aligned with my priorities. If not, what was preventing me from my priorities being given their due attention?

One priority that I was ignoring became clear when my doctor last December firmly told me that many of my burgeoning health problems were in my control to repair. In other words, lose weight and get active. This was tough because my hip increasingly was giving out and I fell randomly and a lot (sometimes 3 to 6 times a day). My health had not been my priority in a very long time and it had become my habit to work and care for others before caring for myself.

Priority #1 became getting healthy and taking care of myself.

  • FOOD! This was not going on a crash diet or a program designed for a large population. Utilizing my knowledge as an Ayurveda Specialist my diet was designed for me and for my body. It included specific foods and specific calorie intake. All designed to bring my body into balance.

  • I have lost over 30 pounds and am able to maintain a healthy weight!

  • EXERCISE! Short distance walks started to become my evening habit. At first, it was just to the end of the block, then a 1/2 mile around the block, and now 2 miles in our neighborhood! Just this weekend I was able to get back on my bicycle. An exercise I used to love to do and haven't been able to do because of my growing health problems.

  • It feels good to be back on the bike!

  • SLEEP! Sleep is not overrated. But in my life I had it rated as unimportant! Yet, sleep is critical to our body's repair and rejuvenation. Sleep hygiene became a priority for me.

  • Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night with over an hour in deep and REM sleep!

I am also super happy to report after getting my weight and exercise under control the doctors were better able to assess what is going on with my hip. Losing the weight gave me about 70% function back and a minor procedure on my spine the other 30%! Pain-free for the first time in a few years!

Send me a note you want to learn more about setting your priorities and outcomes with an executable plan!

(Photo provided through by Moise Theodor)

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