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MEDITATE!? I've Tried and I Can't.

Have you ever wanted or been invited to learn how to meditate? And your response was, "I have tried, and I can't."

Or, "It is too hard."

Or, "Not today."

I have been there! I have tried and failed so many times it is crazy. But in August 2020, I shifted how I tried to integrate meditation into my daily life and have not missed a day since.

Each day looks different, but it is possible. Next week, you can start with me using only one minute to create a small space in your day to meditate.

Violet is ready! Are you?

I will post the meditations on 3D Renew's Facebook page at

But even better! Email me at 3DRenew@gmail for a more personal approach, and you will get an email with that week's meditation. This email group is the best way not to miss the post on Facebook.

The meditation group will run for 4 - 5 weeks, longer if interested.

Join me today on an easier path to learn how to meditate and gain the benefits for your body, mind, and soul.

Send me an email at to join the Live Life Full Meditation group.

Namaste and have a great day!

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