Meditation Journey Continues

Week four is here !

It is hard to believe we are already at week four with our meditation practice, building up to a five-minute daily practice.

Meditation has many benefits, one of which is giving you a chance to close your eyes, remove external distractions, and listen to your own self.

aybe you are still working on being comfortable with one or two minutes. Wherever you are in your practice is okay. It is your practice, and these lessons are yours to go at your pace.

When I started last fall to design a daily practice thoughtfully, it took me months to get to five minutes daily, and even this morning, I struggled. The key is when you are coming away from focusing on your breath. And you are engaging with your thoughts repeatedly, and you can't return to concentrate on your breath -- stop. Give yourself grace and compassion and move on with your day.

This morning it was a struggle for me to stay in meditation. I am working long hours right now, which affects my ability to focus on my breath. At one point, I found myself returning to my morning to-do list for the third time. I gave myself one final deep cleansing breath. I placed my hands on my eyes and thanked myself for giving me the time.

No judgment.

No arguing with myself.



The benefits of the practice are still there.

Let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions.

Here is the link to the video, and the audio is attached.

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