Meditation Listening to the Whispers

Meditation last week was my knot at the end of the rope. With deep gratitude, this practice held me through a difficult patch. It didn’t change the circumstances but returning to my breath kept me from losing my temper or cool. It allowed me to handle what was happening.

This is not magic, but it can feel magical. When your breath grounds you, it keeps your blood pressure even and enables you to move forward.

In today’s busy, high-stress world with plenty to be concerned it can drown out messages from within, which are the whispers of information awaiting to help you in life.

Meditation is not shutting off your brain but focusing within yourself. Allow yourself time to become more present and be more responsive later to what is going on during your day.

Like last week for me, I remained calm, even though it was tough. It also enabled me to reach my hand out to my family and friends, share what I was going through, and feel the support around me.

The practice of meditation is a gift you have chosen to give yourself. Whether you are doing the one-minute or the five-minute practice, you build resilience and learn to listen to what you need.

As you move to practice your mediation today, remember this short time is a gift to yourself for your health, your resilience, and for you to be present for others.

Namaste and have a good day.

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