Meditation Practice Week Two

In a fast-paced, phone-in-hand, computer-oriented world, it can be daunting to ask yourself to sit quietly without distraction.

This practice is accessible anywhere and allows you to slowly ease into a space of soft focus on your breathing.

Thoughts can come as you do this, and that is okay. You are not going to shut your mind off. That isn't the point or possible. It is about giving yourself the gift of yourself for a few minutes each day. Your meditation can be at any point in your day.

About a year and a half ago, I decided this gift was the most important thing I could do to improve my health. My blood pressure was rising, and my health wasn't excellent. I chose to wake up 30 minutes before my family to have quiet time. It has made an enormous difference in my health and well-being. Even on our vacation, my husband made space for me to have quiet time because, frankly, I am a nicer person after meditation.

Enjoy this week's practice. It is two minutes long and is focused on your breath and feeling the breath in your belly area.

Audio files will be available to all who signed up for the class email each week. Video files are on my YouTube channel. This week's class is at

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