Meditation Week Three

Today marks my 500-day milestone. For 500 days, I have spent some time in meditation. At first, it was just a few minutes, and then consistently 5 minutes a day. Today I meditated for 15 minutes, enjoying the focus of my breath and letting thoughts arise and float away.

You can watch the video here:

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It is not about being without thought; it is about not engaging or telling yourself a story, about a thought.

For instance, during meditation this morning, an ambulance or police car was in the background. I noticed the noise and refocused on my breath. A few moments later, the noise broke through again, and my thoughts wondered if someone was sick, and then as I returned to my breath, the idea fell away. I didn't engage in a story around a person being ill or a cop chasing down someone. I just noticed the thought and returned to focusing on my breath.

This ability to notice and not engage is beneficial as I move through the day because it allows me not to be reactive.

Another example. I forgot to post this morning's week three meditation yesterday, as I had intended. When I figured that out this morning, my old habits would have led me to be reactive and negative talk. Instead, I took a breath and told myself it was okay, and I would post it after meditation. And as a result, these words accompanying today's installment in learning how to meditate formulated.

Maybe they touch your heart and help your journey into the gift of meditation.

The gift of kindness to yourself.

And less reactivity.

Namaste and have a great day.

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