Ever wonder why Las Vegas is full of loud music, flashing bright lights, food that smells fabulous and other things? Well, me neither until the other day when a friend of mine, Allegra Jordan, posted her recent experience of Las Vegas (on the heels of a rejuvenating vacation in Tuscany, Italy). Her thoughts on how they do this to overwhelm your senses to spend money and gamble were spot on. When I looked up the scientific research, it confirmed loud music (and noises) shuts the brain off from thinking.

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At first, blush; if your thoughts are haunting, shutting them off sounds terrific. And maybe for a few minutes, a concert, or a purposeful break, it is. But consider this, thinking is also the root of problem solving and creativity. As a result, if you constantly turn on the TV, play loud music, or make loud noises, you are effectively shutting down your thinking. And reducing your ability to solve problems.

Meditation is a beautiful way to invite quiet into your world and allow the brain to be still. NOT STOP. Your brain just quiets and turns the focus inward. I know that may sound scary, but it is where the solutions reside. Within you. There are many ways to meditate, from focusing on your breath, looking at a candle, or silently repeating a saying like “OM.”

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