Random Roads


Sunday we took a step back in time and did a Sunday afternoon drive. When I was a little girl we would often take random roads and drive through the beautiful countryside of Kentucky. Splendent with rich green grass and elegant thoroughbred horses. As we drove through the country roads of our new home in South Carolina my heart swelled with the sense of gratitude.

This last year brought many changes to everyone in the world and one huge lesson for me, which is at the core of my gratitude -- stay within the present moment. With each change I learned to roll with it, much like the glide-like choice of random roads during our country Sunday drive. Learning to grip less onto the way things were and lean into the way things are. Present moment became a way of life.

No toilet paper at the store. Hmmmm. Panic was replaced with the thought “I have enough.” The bridge of no toilet paper can be crossed when we really run out if the stores aren’t restocked.

No travel to work and possibly no work. Running the budget and a sense of despair, was replaced with the work of reinventing how to deliver my services around leadership development.

No big family wedding, was replaced with an even larger Zoom wedding while I said “yes” to my love and he said “yes” to me.

The gratitude list is growing as I consider this last year and how my life, heart, and soul continued to be filled each time I learned to remain in the present moment.

Support precedes action, and this year my support has been family, meditation, yoga, coaching, teaching, and learning to stay present. Being present allowed me to feel the support, before moving towards an action.

I am grateful for the life analogy the winding Sunday drive gave, because the drive is like life -- there are twists and turns -- and being present led to the beautiful discovery of a place in the curve of the road with sheer beauty of the marsh reaching the sea, and it lead me to myself.

Namaste – My soul honors the soul in each of you – Nothing creepy

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