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Tree Bath

In 2012 a study found in Japan found these scientific-based impacts of spending time with or around trees (not counting steps, not on your phone, not snapping pictures – be around the trees having a picnic, sitting, or meandering through them). The following benefits listed can be measured by spending 30 minutes with trees.

1. Improved human natural killer (NK) cells decrease tumor production and cancer and improve immune responses.

2. Decrease cortisol levels (which increase stress and lead to many diseases).

3. Decrease blood pressure and heart rate variability.

4. Greater rest and digest response (parasympathetic nerve activity).

5. Lower freeze, flight, or fight response (sympathetic nerve activity).

6. Lower depression score and lower hostility.

7. Improved attention in children with ADHD.

Some advice is to schedule time with trees; you can even choose to pick up a rock, put a problem in and drop it. You can pick up your troubles again when you leave. One practitioner said they found people who go to take a tree bath rarely pick up the stone on the way out. Instead, they leave feeling calmer about being in the present moment.

When can you spend some time under a tree or with many trees and do nothing?

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