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Two Paths

I could list all I am not satisfied with in life or myself. I could list all that I am satisfied with in life or myself.

It is like standing at Y in the road.

One road bends in a dark, unhappy churn.

One road sweeps out in a light, happy atmosphere.

Choosing, either way ignores the other, which doesn’t seem wise.

I stand here looking down each path. I don’t move down either one.

Instead, I choose what to change in the churn and what to embrace in the light.

Holding still in this present moment, realizing those paths are the past, not the future.

I turn my back with the gifts those roads have given me and walk forward on the winding path of the present.

One foot in the moment and looking ahead, knowing this step moves me to the future.

Namaste, and have a great day.

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