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Melinda Grafton

(571) 214-4945


Melinda Grafton, owner of 3D Renew, LLC, provides clients with executive coaching, leadership development education, and wellness programs. Certified TetraMap facilitator; DISC, and EQi 2.0/360 assessments; Yoga and Meditation instructor; Ayurveda Nutrition Specialist. 

Vision: Illuminate pathways.

Ethos: Serve others from heart and soul to Live Life Full.


Live = Mind = Knowledge -- You will be guided through exploration and discovery through your coach's listening, inquiry, observation, and ideas.


Life = Body =  Energy -- You and your coach will design a roadmap to the outcomes you identify and desire.


Full = Soul = Passion -- Watch your life ignite with the motivation to act.


Melinda personifies LIVE LIFE FULL in her daily life. Her passion is helping others. She has 40+ years of professional work experience and has been coaching for over 20 years. She has been blessed by many experiences, such as working in the medical community while going to college, serving in the United States Air Force for over 25 years, consulting with many Department of Defense (DoD) programs, and creating leadership educational programs for Department of Homeland Security and DoD. Through all of this she has honed her skills as a yoga and meditation instructor. She specializes in Mindful Yoga Therapy, adaptive, and sports yoga. 


Her mission is to support her clients' desires to LIVE LIFE FULL, both in their personal and professional walks of life.

"LIVE" Melinda brings her whole heart to serving her clients. She uses her experiences and training to listen deeply, inquire and observe which enables her client's to deepen and enact their KNOWLEDGE. 

"LIFE" Melinda provides support, tools, and techniques to her clients as they define outcomes, design plans, and bring their ENERGY to execute actions to reach their goals. 

"FULL" Your work with Melinda will ignite your PASSION for life and motivate you to act. 

Reach out to Melinda and begin your three-dimensional journey today. Based in Myrtle Beach, SC., Melinda works with clients throughout the United States and the world. Contact her today to start your journey to "LIVE LIFE FULL."

Programs Provided

    Executive and Life Coaching

    Leadership Development

    Wellness Programs (Yoga and Meditation)

    Tetra Map Facilitation for Team Development

    DISC & EQi (Individual and 360) Assessments

    Mindful Yoga Therapy



    Leadership and Team Development

    Leadership Education

    Executive Coaching

    Yoga and Meditation Instructor

    Ayurveda Nutrition Specialist

    Public Relations and Communication

    Strategic Planning

    Organizational Design

    Human Resources

    Broadcasting and Journalism

    Crisis Response and Management

    Medical Administration



    Master's degree in Psychology, General Counseling, Louisiana Tech University,      

    Ruston, LA 

    Leadership Coaching Certificate, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.



    Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)

    EQi Assessment (Individual and 360) and Facilitator Certified

    DISC Assessments Practitioner

    Tetra Map Facilitation

    Meditation Guide, Yoga Nidra

    RYT Yoga Instructor 

    Mindful Yoga Therapy Instructor

    Ayurveda Nutrition Specialist

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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