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Coaching is focuses on goals, options, reality and will do.

Executive Coaching  3D Renew's team serves you from their heart to ignite, bring alive, your passion for your profession. Coaching is the conduit to discovery through listening, inquiry, observation, and exploration and will guide you to deeper self-knowledge, exploration to new or renewed ideas. Supporting your actions to reach the outcomes desired.


Coaching is provided by phone or video conferencing and packages offer price discounts. Contact us at 3DRenew@gmail.com for more details.

Coaches are PCC certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are EQi 2.0 and DISC assessment certified. 

In leadership development accomplishments start with "Try."

Leadership Development Workshops are designed for your organization's needs to enhance Leadership Development, Team Integration, and Organization Success.


Luminary Leadership is designed for individuals to define their leadership intention with an action plan for execution. This course is delivered in person over an eight-hour training period.


Communication and healthy conflict are vital for a team to be successful in obtaining results. Fabulous Teams explore the dynamics of functional teams and develop interactions for team cohesion. This course is delivered in person over a four-hour training period

There are multiple courses available for Zoom delivery. These courses include wonderful tools such as, Listening as a Tool, Leading Up, and Resilient Leadership.

Contact us at 3DRenew@gmail.com for more details.


“I served with Melinda in the US military in Germany and she epitomized the balance of Knowledge. Energy, and Passion in how she led. Her self awareness was her strength - and that quality translated to a level of performance that both delivered and inspired. This clearly is the foundation of the powerful gifts she offers today in 3-D.”  - retired Navy Captain and former White House Press Secretary