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Executive Coaching  


You are the focus with service from your coach's heart to ignite and bring alive your passion for your profession. Coaching is the conduit to discovery through listening, inquiry, observation, and exploration and will guide you to deeper self-knowledge and exploration of new or renewed ideas. 


You choose your coaching delivery method. Virtual programs are available by telephone, Zoom, or FaceTime. In-person programs are available in Myrtle Beach, SC. Packages offer price discounts.

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Team Collaboration

Leadership Development Workshops 


Workshops are designed for your organization's needs to enhance Leadership Development, Team Integration, Decrease Conflict, and reach Organization Success.


FABulous Leadership, TetraMap, and DISC programs are customized for your team. Programs run from one-hour to multi-day workshops and are deliverable as virtual or in-person programs.  

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Yoga Class

Yoga and Meditation Classes


Melinda develops individualized programs specific to your needs. They are accessible for all levels and will maximize your body's balance and strength to reach healthy living goals. 

Live Life Full with your body, breath, and mind united.

In-person programs are available in Myrtle Beach, SC. Prices start at $10.00/per person


Contact Melinda at for more prices.

Recent Programs Delivered

TetraMap team development for a United States Department of Agriculture division. The team discovered their elemental nature in communication and behavior through individualized assessments and coaching. The program culminated in half-day workshop where they practiced new ways to communicate and develop strategies for success. The team was excited to discover how to interact with each other in new ways, because many of them had work together for over a decade.


FABulous Leadership to Bank of America interns during their summer program. They learned about emotional intelligence, communication in conflict, inclusive leadership, and developing their leadership specific style. The young people left the program with new ideas as they embarked on their final year in High School and entry into College.


FABulous Leadership Resiliency and Sleep is Vital workshops for the Army Contracting Command-Orlando team. The events had over 126 attendees in a virtual environment that didn’t feel virtual. The discussion was about developing a resilience reservoir. A reservoir not only to pull from but also to fill when facing challenges. Her plain language approach from experience shows ways to build a foundation, sustain energy and bounce back when tough times happen.  


  • Foundation -- the roots that hold you firm

  • Aspiration -- the vision to keep you moving

  • Balance – how to sustain your energy


Melinda’s dynamic delivery from her heart moves you to build your reservoir of resilience for today and tomorrow. 


Contact her at to schedule your group’s interactive discussion.


“I served with Melinda in the US military in Germany and she epitomized the balance of Knowledge. Energy, and Passion in how she led. Her self awareness was her strength - and that quality translated to a level of performance that both delivered and inspired. This clearly is the foundation of the powerful gifts she offers today in 3-D.”  - retired Navy Captain and former White House Press Secretary

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