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Cherishing Emotions

I'm reading “The Art Spirit,” a compilation of Robert Henri’s thoughts. He is talking about the path of an artist, and he says this,

“Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them.”

Cherish happiness, joy, and calm is easy.

Cherishing grumpiness, anger, and sadness is hard.

Yesterday, I woke up super grumpy. Nothing was wrong; I was just grumpy. Instead of being angry with myself for being grumpy or telling myself I should not be grumpy, I decided to play with paint and just be grumpy until I wasn't.

That, to me, is cherishing my emotions and holding space for them in a caring way, being kind to myself.

And I got to play with paint.

What emotion are you feeling right now?

What would cherishing this emotion look like for you?

Namaste, and have a great day.


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